Recognising and minimising our impact on the environment

Protecting natural habitats

We all make an impact on the environment in one way or another. At the Fire Service College, the nature of our business is to train firefighters in ‘live’ fire scenarios. This is hot and dirty work, often involving hazardous materials and live flames. We can’t avoid this as we work to prepare firefighters for emergencies within our communities and to reduce the risk to life of both the firefighter and the public. 

What we can do, however, is seek to find ways of minimising any negative impact we might have on the natural habitats surrounding our site. The Cotswolds is a beautiful part of the UK. We want to keep it that way.

Aerial view of FSC training grounds and buildings

Air quality

We constantly monitor the air quality in and around our site to ensure that we aren’t releasing hazardous levels of pollutants in to the air as a result of our activity.  All tests carried out clearly indicate that emission levels are comfortably below the required Air Quality Objectives (AQO) and Environmental Assessment Levels (EAL) levels. 


We are committed to observing the requirements of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. In particular, we make every effort to protect the colonies and habitat of Great Crested Newts that inhabit water courses on site. We have created a nature reserve on the south west edge of the site with specific features for the preservation of Great Crested Newts and other native flora and fauna, including roe deer. The large areas of native woodland, together with the associated flora that exists under the tree canopy, are retained as a natural boundary to the site.

Firefighter training area aerial view

Capita energy reduction programme

An energy reduction programme has been implemented across the Capita Group and we’ve been working hard on reducing business travel and waste.

Our facilities managers have taken on the role of ‘energy champions’ and have been asked to improve the energy performance of our buildings and monitor the progress of our energy saving projects.

And our efforts aren’t confined to our own offices. Through our annual Green Week Campaign Capita employees are encouraged to think about the small changes that can make a big difference both at work and at home. We also work with our clients, cutting their impact through initiatives like data centre consolidation.

In 2014 the Group achieved re-certification of Carbon Saver’s Gold Standard recognising our commitment to reducing energy use and improving efficiency.

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